ONE Enterprise HIS Solution

A truly Integrated, Non-Modular Hospital System Residing on One Single Database


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Our comprehensive solutions include both financial management and clinical information. We enable sophisticated interactions between the clinical and financial areas of the hospital, as well as any associated medical practices. System integrity is not jeopardized by interfacing separate, disparate systems.

ONE resembles a hospital’s real-life workflow based on role, specialty and necessity. This eliminates operational silos by offering cutting-edge, user-friendly products that satisfy Meaningful Use, while dramatically increasing efficiencies at the point of care.

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Enjoy Real Integration with our Single-Database HIS Solution

RazorInsights has created simplified healthcare information technology solutions for Rural, Community and Critical Access Hospitals. This means that even though our technology solutions are very sophisticated, their use is uncomplicated and can be quickly comprehended by healthcare clinicians with little or no computer experience. The main reason is our single-database, non-modular platform which was specifically designed to support the Rural and CAH environment.

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The Cloud Technology Advantage

RazorInsights’ cloud-based solution helps your hospital deploy systems quickly and at a low cost. Extending well beyond the traditional hospital data center, our cloud-based system is designed to provide a scalable, secure, pay-as-you-use solution. By removing the requirements to monitor and maintain the application and data services, our client hospitals are able to eliminate expensive onsite hardware. Cloud technology is economical and provides higher service levels with seamless upgrades.

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We take you beyond just training & implementation with Full Measure Support™

We include 24 | 7 | 365 support provided by an experienced team with real-world industry experience. Our support team includes credentialed clinical and financial professionals with years of experience working in and with Rural, Critical Access and Community hospitals. RazorInsights’ all-encompassing, single source support philosophy consists of a transparent relationship with our clients and a fanatical commitment to ensuring client satisfaction.

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