If you were constructing a foundation or platform for a new building, would you want that foundation to be a single, solid block of stone or would you want that foundation to be comprised of various bricks/stones (disparate applications) held together by mortar (various integration system technologies)?

RazorInsights understands the value of “real” integration. Even though our technology solutions are very sophisticated, their use is uncomplicated and can be quickly comprehended by healthcare clinicians that have little or no computer experience. The main reason is our single-database, non-modular platform which was specifically designed to support Rural, Community and Critical Access Hospitals.

Clinicians need to capture health information only once, and it is then clearly presented to all authorized users. This saves time and reduces costs. Our easy to understand user interface is patient-centric. It provides a holistic view of the patient records for all caregivers throughout the continuity of care. This easy to comprehend and learn user interface significantly reduces training time and speeds adoption.

Our single-database, comprehensive solutions, which include financial management and ambulatory, provide clinicians with a truly integrated experience. We enable sophisticated interactions between the clinical and financial areas of your hospital, as well as any associated medical practices. System integrity isn’t jeopardized by interfacing separate systems. Use of our system follows real-life workflows based on role, specialty, and necessity. The system eliminates operational silos by offering cutting-edge, user-friendly products that satisfy Meaningful Use, while dramatically increasing efficiencies at the point of care.

In addition, our technology solutions include all the required content and clinical database support that is available – with no additional fees. First DataBank Drug Information Framework Database™, First DataBank OrderView Med Knowledge Base™, order sets, and UMLS vocabularies are all included in one low, monthly price.

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